Fusion and Plate Tectonics Abstract (home)


From research on Plate Tectonics studies, I
discovered the “Fusion Principle”. The “Fusion
Principle” is the fact that “Heat”, or rather the
“Force of Heat ” is a two-dimensional entity
existing in a three dimensional world. In a revolving
body, the Heat has the property of traveling
towards the center. If the revolving body contains
a hydrogen gas four hydrogen nuclei (ions) are
forced together in the center of this mass, fusion
occurs, creating a helium nucle
Energy for the 21st century
I said, ‘Speak, my lord.’  And he said to me, ‘Go, weigh for me the weight of fire, or measure for me a blast of wind, or call back
for me the day that is past.’
2 Esdras 4(5)
This is an accreting X-ray pulsar EXO 2030+375 that underwent its first giant outburst, during the
summer of 2006, since its discovery in 1985. During the giant outburst there is discovered some
evidence for a cyclotron feature at ~11 keV. This feature was confidently detected for about 90 days,
during the brighter portion of the outburst. An accretion disk appears to be present in both the normal
and giant outbursts, suggesting that the long-term behavior is a product of the state of the Be star disk
and the accretion disk.
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