"Heat chamber" that
"blew- up," actually
This is the argument; this projectile is a part of a "heat
chamber" that "blew- up," actually imploded, and is now just
"bubbling up" through the crust. The "bubbles" are what
geophysicists call diapirs or plumes. This part of the heat
chamber might have been transformed by fusion energy in
the mantle and one can see the results on the globe. This
action of fusion energy, or "energy pulse," impacted this
projectile into the Earth's mantle where Afar is presently
located. In other words, the heat chamber broke up into two
pieces, the smaller one going south and making that “gap”
mentioned above and the second bigger one, making the
"triple junction" hot spot.

Why are these inventors having a problem with this heat
chamber? Is this heat chamber causing a thermo-nuclear
reaction? If so, why the angles through Earth? It is caused by
what I call the "fusion principal."
It looks like the “unlikely event” that caused this triple junction would be the
corner of the heat chamber that exploded. Here is an illustrated example that may
show how this was done. Imagine a large metal cube attached to a rope swinging
freely back and forth. Take this cube by hand and smash it against a large thick
pane of glass with the corner of this cube, so as to not break the glass, but only to
"crack it." The result would be similar to the triple junction in the crust of the Earth.
In other words, the heat chamber had rounded corners on the
inside. These rounded corners, in technical drawings, are called
fillets. This increased the efficiency of heating, but not enough.
The heat chamber (again the one that caused the Iceland -
Hawaiian explosion) caused three lines of force. Because the
travel was at a 30-degree angle to the baseline plane, (the
baseline plane being parallel to the equator), the first force went
down at this angle. The second force went down to South
Sandwich Islands at a 90 degree angle, which is perpendicular to
the baseline plane, then the third force went down to Africa at a
45 degree angle from the baseline lane (see figure 1).
Now back to the 15 degrees difference between the two explosions through Earth.
This heat chamber (the one that caused the Iceland - Hawaiian explosion) had an
improvement over the heat chamber of the Great Meteor-Easter Island explosion,
the improvement being rounded corners. The idea of rounded corners came from
that “gap”; (the one that scientists said "cannot have existed"). It appears that
this “gap” is crescent-shaped, caused by the corner of the heat chamber.
Fig. 1 Angles through Earth, pointing out the four main points of plate tectonics,
Iceland (top), Hawaii (left), South Sandwich Islands (bottom), Afar (right).